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Force of Will - Force of Will - Boite de - 36 Boosters - S4 - Saga Cluster 4 - The Seventh - Version Anglaise

Boite de S4 - Saga Cluster 4 - The Seventh - Version Anglaise

EAN : 4580578402759

Conditionné en Boite de 36 Boosters.

Coming into this Demonic World, our heroes just stand in front of the biggest threat than Wolfgang.

Satan and its Fallen Angels are waiting for our heroes and are ready to fight to maintain their control into this world, but
thanks to Wolfgang, and some rebellious angels, they learn it is possible to defeat them once for all.

It is time to find the seven boons into the Demonic World so each of our heroes will be powerful enough to fight Satan !!

Each ruler from this set is a Fallen Angel taking back the [tag] concept, each representing a deadly sin.
There will be some support for our older cards from the Saga set following the evolution of our favorite character.


Chaque Booster contient 10 cartes.

Cette édition est composée de plus de 97 nouvelles cartes :
-Normal 41
-Rare 29
-Super Rare 15
-Marvel Rare 5
-Ruler/J-Ruler 7
-Basic magic stone 5
-Life counter card 18
-Will coin card 6
-Token card ?

EAN du booster : 4580578402742

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